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Outflow in the Flint Hills

Outflow in the Flint Hills

At the end of the chase, a series of fast moving supercells in a broken line of storms left us behind in the Flint Hills of Kansas with a lonesome gravel road rolling under tiers of outflow clouds. The dark sky -- a product of thick anvil cover over the decks of low clouds -- cast a rather somber hue of slate blue-gray across the scene. It was a fitting end to what had been a rather active and frantic storm intercept day, with messy supercells racing northward at 50-60 mph along an eastward moving storm line, and seemingly counterintuitive storm behaviors like retreating outflow. Even under a brooding amnd turbulent sky, the Flint Hills find a way to be beautiful in their rolling, green-carpeted musculature.

6 WNW Alma KS (5 Jun 8) looking W