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Arcus Cloud over the Flint Hills

Arcus Cloud over the Flint Hills

The storm intercept began way up in Council Bluffs IA, and ended east of Wichita KS with this beautiful stormscape. Along the way we saw a few supercells, most heavy-precipitation in character, one with a classical rotating wall cloud, and even a flanking-line funnel. After all that afternoon action, this was an ideal way to finish the day. Atop a limestone plateau fringing the Flint Hills, mild and moist breezes carried the sounds of eastern meadowlarks over miles of open tallgrass prairie, the pastels of twilight filtered through alternating bands and tiers of clouds across the sky above, a fluid canvas of vapor and light painted as a moving masterpiece from zenith to every horizon. If severe weather and tornadoes are the heart of storm chasing on the Great Plains, experiences like this are the soul.

3 E Rosalia KS (12 Jun 8) looking N