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Specimen of Beauty

Specimen of Beauty

(Part 3 of 3) The HP supercell began to weaken as I got farther E, getting ahead of the storm as it moved ESE. But the curved cold outflow (left), the mesocyclone at center, and the tail feature (former flank) at right, acted like a miniature version of the cold front, low, and warm front structure of big synoptic cyclones. It isn't too hard to imagine a weather map with those features, overlaid on the front flank of this storm! The combination of the storm's artistic beauty with its service as a giant HP laboratory specimen made the long day's drive well worth every second and penny. Below is a 200 mm zoom of the structure of the wall cloud, with big scud chunks beneath. The large cloud partially hidden by precipitation in the left background is part of an old, occluded mesocyclone.

5 SW Floydada TX (25 May 99) Looking W