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Fog & Mist

Diffused Sun

Diffused Sun

A fog-dimmed solar globe rises beyond seed heads of ornamental grasses at the National Weather Center. This was a fine morning for shooting fog related images around the new facility in the dense but shallow deck. A brisk breeze blew, but the resulting waving grass didn't hinder photography of its silhouettes, thanks to the large f-stop and fast shutter speed compelled by metering around the midmorning sun. Like every single photo in SkyPix -- film or digital in origin -- this one was taken using all-manual focus and exposure. Even though using digital allows much more flexibility and room for error than slides, I purposefully maintain the habit of manual settings from the days of film, both as a form of self-discipline in photography, and to exert more direct and complete control over the result. The difference now is that I can bracket not only aperture setting and shutter speed, but "film" speed (ASA) too, and just delete all but the best images right away.

Norman OK (9 Nov 7) Looking ESE