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Pasterze Glacier

Pasterze Glacier

The largest glacier in Austria and in the eastern Alps, the Pasterze drains ice mainly from the peak in the background (Johannisberg, 3,463 m or 11,362 ft), while scraping along the foot of the Grossglockner mountain at left, both in the Hohe Tauern range. Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria, at 3,798 m (12,461 ft) above sea level. This glacier has been receding in fits and spurts since 1856, and it terminus has withdrawn each year since 1966. Debris bands run parallel to the winding axis of the glacier, and vividly illustrate its sinuous flow pattern. The photo below zooms in to those bands, and shows crumpled patterns of ice under both sun and shadow from the clouds above. Isn't it amazing how much different the very same natural feature can appear if one looks at it close-up?

5 NW Heiligenblut, Austria (1 Aug 5) , looking NW