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The Wall Cloud Wall

Wolfe City Wall Cloud

Wolfe City Wall Cloud

This low, ominous wall cloud rotated vigorously for 15-20 minutes, becoming encircled and occluded by rain and hail from a strong rear-flank downdraft while a new mesocyclone (at right) tried to form. As often happens in my presence, it did no more than that. The entire storm wound itself into a murky, foreboding, heavy-precip (HP) supercell, heading off past Greenville and into the dark oblivion of a northeast Texas night. The blistering barrage of CG lightning in our immediate area was one of the most intense I have witnessed on a storm chase, an incredible fusillade of flashes inseparable from their sharp and slicing explosions of thunder, and forcing me to shoot this photograph from the car. That our vehicle wasn't struck is pure chance. Whether or not they produce tornadoes, I have witnessed distinct increases in CG lightning strokes S thru SE of strongly rotating wall clouds when heavy precipitation begins to move southward around their W sides. Fittingly, given the name of the nearby town of Leonard (through which we drove at least twice), my storm intercept driver on this day was none other than "Hailstone Jim" Leonard himself!

1 SW Wolfe City TX (13 Jun 97) Looking NNW