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Gallery of Outflow



Dense outflow from a line of severe thunderstorms over southwest KS generated this convectively generated sandstorm -- a haboob. The angled edge of the dust and sand plume, extending downward and leftward from the arcus cloud's tip, sharply marks the outflow pool. Yes, we let it engulf us, to be greeted by measured winds up to 68 mph and intense blasts of sand which scratched and pitted my windshield. Deeply embedded in the dense brown murk, I drove southward at over 60 mph, holding my hand out the windshield and feeling no wind whatsoever against my skin. What a rare and eerie experience! This was the earliest stage and the northwestern end of a derecho (large well-organized, severe convective wind damage event) that wrecked buildings, trees and signs across much of southwestern KS, OK and portions of north TX.

2 SE Sublette KS (27 May 1) looking WNW