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All Hail

Rainbow through Falling Hail

Rainbow through Falling Hail

An anticyclonic supercell, moving to the left of the average (mean) wind, moved overhead and to our E across the Great Plains of eastern Colorado. There is a great deal in this photograph, and yet, only a part of what we experienced in person with this fascinating storm. A dazzlingly sunlit cascade of hailstones descended upon us, thousands upon thousands of tumbling, sparkling white jewels, accompanied by a brilliant full-arc rainbow rendered grainy by the hail falling through it. What a beautiful (and noisy!) scene to behold. The inflow tail and main updraft base are visible behind the rainbow and through the translucent core -- a core composed of almost all hail and very little rain. Hail between one and 1.5 inches in diameter eventually covered the roadways to depths up to 4 inches. Looking closely, one can faintly see the secondary rainbow as well, making this a "double hailbow."

1 WSW Aroya CO (15 Jun 3) Looking E.