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The Majestic Supercell

Scales of Spin

Scales of Spin

We saw at least six tornadoes with two supercells on this major outbreak day, but under generally lousy, low-light photography conditions, after being unable to get to the Panhandle in time for the most visually striking tubes farther SW. The southern of two intermittently tornadic storms recycled itself just long enough to produce this classical supercell structure, before becoming filled with precipitation and losing good contrast in the twilight. The vault region at right looks transparent, but actually was dropping damaging hail. Meanwhile, the whole storm was rotating in a broad sense, while the wall cloud spun faster, and its pronounced funnel, still faster! Although we never could confirm ground circulation beneath this particular attempt, closer observers would. The storm would produce at least four more tornadoes that we could see south of McLean, and another couple that we didn't witness farther north.

2 NE Hedley TX (28 Mar 7) Looking WSW