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Plume Preceding Squall Line

Plume Preceding Squall Line

(Part 1 of 2) On a zigzagging NW drive toward a growing line of storms, we noticed an expanding, fast-rising, rather voluminous smoke plume appearing to emanate from some point directly along our projected path. This wasn't simply someone's pre-rainfall trash-burning exercise either--at least not anymore. The smoke was wafting northwestward within the inflow air mass of the thunderstorms. Thin anvil cirrus allowed slightly diffused sunshine to fall on the pall, while the background grew darker under heavier cloud cover, all magnifying the contrast of the smoke. Curiously, at this point, and despite the smoke plume being long-lived and visible for miles around, no emergency vehicles could be seen or heard in the distance. We proceeded on our route toward both fire and storms, now curious about two different forms of convection.

4 WSW Hennessey OK (18 Apr 9) Looking N.