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All Hail

Hettinger Hailer

Hettinger Hailer

As it receded away from us, a multicell storm became brilliantly sunlit--from the mammatus-festooned and bcksheared anvil down to flanking towers and the hail-laden precipitation cores. The storm had dumped copious volumes of small hail along its path near Hettinger, but none too damaging. Small amunts of drifted hail still can be seen in the plow rows of the foreground field. The combination of rain-freshened, hail-cooled air, singing meadowlarks, and this gaudy sky made good reason to stick around for a spell and soak in the multisensory splendor. For the appreciative of the outdoors, I wish at least one lifetime experience of a rejuvenating moment behind a springtime storm in the northern Great Plains.

4 E Hettinger ND (13 Jun 12) Looking NE.