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Night Arcus

Night Arcus

Strobing with dazzling frequency, strands and filaments of current flashed atop a supercell's rear-flank gust front, both silhouetting and lighting up its laminar shelf cloud. I took several shots of such discharges in just a few minutes, and could have captured many more but for an area of spotting priority off to the right. The tornado-warned storm supposedly produced one about 10 minutes later, 5 miles N of town and 3 miles N of me. At that time I stared straight in that direction, seeing nothing in the frequent lightning but a scuddy, outflow-dominant mess of a mesocyclone that looked quite elevated above the rain-cooled air. That's fine, because I already had seen a photogenic tornado from a different storm earlier in the day. As I was shooting, the ceaseless wailing of both pole-mounted and police sirens out of nearby Hays rode the southeasterly breeze, cutting through an eerie silence otherwise broken only by the low roll of continuous thunder well aloft. This lightning actually flickered beneath an anvil from another supercell just to the SW. Both storms anchored a broken line of severe convection that produced hail measured at 2.25 inches, gusts estimated at 80 mph and flooding rains, all within a six mile radius of this location.

2 NNW Hays KS (22 May 7) looking NW