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Thunderstorm Road

Thunderstorm Road

Steadily and relentlessly, a line of strong and severe thunderstorms advanced eastward along Interstate 20, as so many do during April. Surely more than one traveler heading out of the Metroplex cast his doubts upon driving any further when seeing this menacing curtain of gloom looming over the road ahead. Indeed, before I arrived at the overpass, a trucker hauling a wide load (half a doublewide mobile home) had pulled up the off-ramp here and sat a spell, studying the approaching scene with caution to judge the wisdom of proceeding westbound. In less than another minute, he began to pull his load slowly over the bridge and turned back toward the east again, followed closely by one storm observer who wanted nothing more to do with the hard rain and high winds either. I had been in or just ahead of the squall line for a good 90 miles, and could have assured the trucker that his decision was the right one. That dark area roaring in from the west was no place for any mobile home, much less one tied down only to a flatbed trailer. I-20 was the setting for several outflow-dominant storm observing experiences in 2007, often accompanied by the deep, dark thunderstorm hues so common to North Texas and so fond in my memories of growing up there.

4 SSW Strawn TX (17 Apr 7) Looking WSW