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The Turbulence Beneath

The Turbulence Beneath

Sundown brought a cooling of the earth in two ways, one contributing to the other, as loss of solar heating lowered the near-surface air temperatures and deprived the day's storms of their msot unstable inflow. The storms reponded by heaving forth their last bursts of rain and cool air, raising arcus clouds behind the leading edge of their outflow puddles. Typically for the undersides of arcus formations, a near razor's edge brackets chaos, as the turbulent underbelly roars past with all manner of textured bumps, dents, knobs and even harmless swirls. In the twilight, a wide-open aperture brought out the subtle slate to turquoise hues of the chaotic cloud mass, and beaneath and to the right, some earthy reddish tones reflected from field to scud cloud to camera lens.

7 ESE Woolstock IA (7 Jun 8) looking SW