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Glimmering Seas

Glimmering Seas

The rising, midmorning sun shone across this northern arm of the sea, dimming two separate decks of cloud in the distance: lighter stratus down low and darker altostratus above and beyond. Yet my eyes gazed intently across the small waves and their the constant, vast sparkle of the sun's reflections. It was an ever-changing gallery of thousands of points of light, each one quickly blinking on and off with the relative movement of its wave and my vessel, then in turn, the whole scene moving along northward with us. Staring deeply, even for a short time, at the ever-changing gallery of light was spellbinding. Something as commonplace as water reflections can be complex, captivating and dazzling -- if we allow the moment to take us into its beauty. For me such scenes render even the most intricately crafted arrangements of holiday lights drab and featureless by comparison.

8 N Port Angeles WA (21 Jul 3) Looking E