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Cumulonimbus Lenticularis

Cumulonimbus Lenticularis

(A New Cloud Name Proposal)

It's still light out (note the near side of the road sign) -- but after sunset. In twilight, with a tight aperture and 5-10 second exposures, it is possible to take photos such as this one of a CG stroke behind a lenticular cloud. The origin of the lenticular cloud was not a mountain or standing wave; but instead, it was the detached former base of a dying high-based supercell -- still slowly rotating! Because of its deep-convective origin, I propose a new cloud type: cumulonimbus lenticularis. A very similar process occurred with a different laminar supercell, in northeast Nebraska on 12 Jun 94; but I could not get a decent picture of its subsequent lenticular cloud because of a lack of both lighting and lightning.

5 E Joes CO (22 May 98) looking N