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The Majestic Supercell

Twilight Spin Over Joy

Twilight Spin Over Joy

Our third wonderfully structured supercell of the day wasn't truly during the day anymore. We didn't intercept this storm until after sunset, rounding into position as the deepening cobalt shades of late twilight silhouetted a massive, corkscrewing convective column that dominated the western sky. I would have been content with that silhouette, captured a time or two before this, to depict an often unseen manifestation of the form of the storm. Then a cloud-to-air lightning discharge blasted sideways out of the north rim of the main updraft tower, casting tens of thousands of feet of twisted thunderhead aglow in an instant. In that same instant, with my camera's shutter serendipitously open, that dynamic discharge created one of my top few personal favorite portfolio shots of all time.

1 E Joy TX (7 Apr 8) Looking WNW