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Night Lightning

Sparking Nocturnal Supercell

Sparking Nocturnal Supercell

Well-structured July supercells are uncommon in these parts, but we found one on the way back from a trip to Colorado. During daylight, and back in southern Kansas, the storm's prrolific production of "dry" lightning (away from the precipitation regions) set numerous fires, a couple of which became "smokenadoes". After sundown, the storm turned hard right, moving almost due south (right to left), and headlong into a modest low-level jet, in order to maximize its own inflow. Still, the supercell weakened because of a loss of instability. Its last electrical hurrah was the two brilliant cloud-to-ground strikes in this wide-angle shot, the in-cloud part vividly illuminating both the striated cloud features and the precipitation cascade of the forward-flank area.

6 NW Tonkawa OK (20 Jul 9) Looking WNW