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The Majestic Supercell

Texas-sized HP

Texas-sized HP

For ten hours, this legendary thunderstorm lumbered eastward across northwest Texas, extraordinarily long-lived even by supercell standards. I was fortunate enough to witness it in some manner from just after birth to its demise after midnight. Though it produced a few very brief, small spin-ups (lame excuses for notches on the guns of a few overexuberant "chasers"), the "Kress-Turkey" storm was essentially non-tornadic until after dark. No matter: Its protracted swath of mayhem, imposing size, great variations in structure, and otherworldly beauty ensured its place in the lore of storm observation. By this time, it had become enormous, inhaling long streamers of dust from several counties away, and assuming HP (heavy precip) character. The storm dropped hail larger than fists and gushed forth flooding rains within that murky, smoked-glass colored core at lower left. During this view, it was leaving the high plains for the lower elevations and deeper inflow layer east of the Caprock.

8 ESE Silverton TX (29 May 1) Looking N