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The Wall Cloud Wall

Young Classic Supercell

Young Classic Supercell

Although the small wall cloud dangling gracefully beneath this supercell's base soon dissipated, the storm would last another 8 to 9 hours, producing destructive hail, damaging wind, brief tornadic spin-ups and flash flooding in its march across the Texas grasslands between the New Mexico border and Vernon. Here, as we parked for a long time to let the storm come to us, we watched a transformation from disorganized, struggling, marginal supercell, to these classic structures, to heavy-precip beast. To the right and beyond the town is the forward-flank core, as well as rain shafts trailing one of a parade of left-movers (unseen) that split off this storm. The remaining residents of Claytonville and many other small Great Plains towns are hardy, resilient and resourceful folk, accustomed to dealing with occasional supercells in between seasons of howling blizzard and searing drought. The thing they can count on the most out here: the wind, virtually ceaseless, no matter what direction it may blow.

1 E Claytonville TX (29 May 1) Looking W