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The Majestic Supercell

Liberal Approach

Liberal Approach

This was the first photo from a rare "after-dinner storm chase", where supper on the north side of Liberal was interrupted by sweet atmospheric dessert: the development and approach of a finely sculpted, if somewhat outflow-dominant, supercell a few miles outside town. When we went inside to eat, drink and make merriment with friends, a cluster of mushy storms to our distant W appeared disorganized, despite good shear profiles. When we came out, this one no longer was so disorganized. Being that I hadn't consumed any alcoholic beverages, I was the designated driver for this storm intercept, and it proved fruitful indeed! We stayed just ahead of this supercell as it merged with some others to the north and west, forming a spectacular array of striated clouds in the twilight.

4 N Liberal KS (10 Jun 9) Looking WNW