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LeFors Wall Cloud and Tornado

LeFors Wall Cloud and Tornado

Darkness and low contrast are common impediments to photography under severe storms, as evident here. Can you identify the tornado? It produced F0 damage to fences and utility equipment. We saw it only briefly, and I was lucky to get even this view given its remoteness and distance from suitable roads. We had been watching the wall cloud rotate and produce brief funnels for at least half an hour prior to this small tornado. The water in the foreground is a filled playa, one of thousands of such shallow and typically dry basins that dot the Texas high plains. They fill up after rains, providing water for wildlife and habitat for migrating waterfowl before they slowly dry out. Playas are major water recharge sources for the underlying Ogallala aquifer in this area, without which High Plains farming would be practically impossible.

11 SW LeFors, TX (7 May 97), Looking NE