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The Wall Cloud Wall

LeFors Revisited

LeFors Revisited

This wide-angle view of what was then an outflow-dominant classic supercell shows a wall cloud at lower middle, smooth accessory base above, tail cloud extending to the right, and a dense precipitation core to its rear. The most rapid rotation was in the lower center portion; but the mesocyclone soon would be undercut by cold outflow before it could do anything more. [The next mesocyclone in this storm's sequence would, however, yield a weak but spectacular tornado.] This photo was taken only a few hundred yards north of the spot where I had seen another wall cloud and funnel just a couple years before; and both storms dumped large amounts of destructive hail over several square miles of the same territory. By this time, I reckon the handful of residents of southwestern Gray County, Texas, had grown tired of such abuse.

11 SW LeFors TX (20 May 99) Looking NW