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Night Lightning

Storm Lit 4 Ways

Storm Lit Four Ways

Lightning activity died off after an earlier incarnation of this storm produced a spectacular three-pronged stroke; so we settled into our nearby lodging for the night. After awhile came the sound of thunder and the sight of flashes to our north, over town, along with reports of severe hail in the news. The storm had rejuvenated! Back up the road into Scottsbluff National Monument we headed, witnessing the once-again weakening storm recede off to the northeast, amidst an amazing optical setting I never had witnessed before. The remarkable thunderstorm pulsed its last flashes of lightning while reflecting moonlight streaming from behind us. The city lights of Scottsbluff/Gering cast a glow from below; and of course, overhead was the starlight. It was one of those amazing moments that transcended the trend of the storm, and compelled a deeply appreciative gratitude for and to all creation above.

3 WNW Gering NE (19 Jun 10) looking NNE