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Between Lake and Log

Between Lake and Log

An impressive array of icicles hung from a log, forming a translucent, frozen rampart between log above and water below. Waves had been sloshing up and down for a couple of days since the end of the Christmas Eve blizzard, helping this formation to grow in marginally freezing weather. The unusual combination of reflected and refracted tones of log, sky, ice, and murky lake water caught my eye right away, as soon as I wandered down to the shore. This scene basically dictated its own composition, with which I only needed to comply. Knobby formations at the icicles' bases developed in the same way as some ice toes I had observed at a different body of water, but originating from dangling ice rather than the edge of a snow bank.

6 W Little Axe OK (26 Dec 9), looking NE