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The Majestic Supercell

LP Supercell & Radome

LP Supercell & Radome

Sunlit LP supercell with NEXRAD radar dome, shot from the roof of the NSSL/SPC building. That collar of ice-crystal clouds below its top was a persistent feature for over an hour, as the storm raced ENE from just north of Norman toward Tulsa. At this point, the storm was near Chandler -- 60-70 miles away -- but its high cloud base is still visible. Below is an earlier shot of the brilliantly sunlit storm, with its flared base, corkscrew appearance to the main updraft tower, and ice-crystal collar in the middle levels. Very little precipitation fell from this storm for most of its early lifespan, except for severe hail approaching 2 inches in diameter.

Norman, OK (27 Mar 97) Looking NE

LP Supercell from NSSL/SPC Roof