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Reflections of Natural Pyrotechnics

Reflections of Natural Pyrotechnics

Lightning within these thunderstoms brings out fairly intricate detail of their cloud structures, revealed to me and you by over 50 miles of clear air in between. The frequent strobing allowed short time exposures, minimizing blurring of the fast-moving convection, while the faintly rippling waters of the lake mirrored the storms in nearly a fractal form. Such great water reflections of lightning-illuminated convection are hard to get in these parts because of the strong surface winds that usually accompany the weather systems that, in turn, spawn such well-organized thunderstorms. Fortunately, we were in a cool and stable area of outflow air from showers a short time before, which calmed the lake surface for about half an hour until the outflow air mixed away and the winds picked up again. It was a privelege and a pleasure to hang out at the lakeshore, taking in this wondrous light show, which also included vertical and horizontal shots of distant ground strikes from way up the sides of the storms.

6 W Little Axe OK (7 Jan 8) Looking SE