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Night Lightning

Mammatus Crawler

Mammatus Crawler

This scene blends two of my favorite elements of thunderstorms -- mammatus and lightning. After experiencing a sublime stormy sunset to the WNW, we turned our backs to the fading light as the electrical show ramped up in the eastern sky. Just a hint of indigo twilight filtered through the thin spots in the cloud deck. Meanwhile the fuzzy mammatus bags were subtly cast in a greenish hue -- the result of a groundlight that was a peculiar mix of reflected twilight and human indiced illumination from the town of Brush, to our E. Through it all wound fine filaments of aerial lightning, snaking their way through the rear of a small convective complex. This shot and another of my favorites from this evening were two of many photos I reeled off during a 45 minute stretch of one of the most beautiful sustained displays of "crawler" lightning that I have seen.

3 ESE Ft. Morgan CO (11 Jun 6), looking ESE.