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The Majestic Supercell

Layered Bell Supercell

Layered Bell Supercell

Zigzagging northeastward across southwestern Oklahoma, my daughter and I had observed two supercells merge, a younger storm colliding from the south with a higher-based, longer-lasting and cleaner storm, which we had observed since photographing it with an abandoned house down by Hollis. The result of such a blend of storms usually is the messy degeneration of both, or a more precip-laden and larger supercell. Fortunately for our endeavors, it was the latter. Once the merger was complete, the storm put on this gaudy show of bands, striations and robust updraft structure. Just a few minutes after the shot, the storm produced a brief, small tornado. After a subsequent occlusion cycle, it eventually yielded two more, proving that storm mergers aren't necessarily deleterious to tornado yields.

1 WSW Brinkman OK (18 Mar 12), Looking SW