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The Majestic Supercell

Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification

My crew and I were not eager to make the long trip home from western Nebraska after what seemed like a terribly underachieving event. The day held great severe weather potential, yet this LP "barber pole" was the most we could muster. Troubles at home hung heavily on my mind, blinding me to the world of awe that would normally glow brilliantly for such a scene as this. Then, that night, we unexpectedly would see close-up video of a magnificent tornado from a different, "cold and mushy" storm which we had abandoned too soon. As the TV flickered with images of what could have been, I began feeling ticks acquired while shooting this photo from thick weeds. It was like a bad country song: I was 500 miles from home, losing a marriage, had missed a spectacular tornado and was crawling with ticks. [And you thought your day was lame! :-)] I stashed away the slides and tried to forget this trip ever happened.

True beauty has a way of calling, though, and given its Source, to answer the call was inevitable. Over two years passed before I really looked into the image, finally and fully appreciating the splendor, free of the physical fatigue and emotional destruction of then. It was worth the wait and is well worth sharing. Seldom has such grandeur twisted its way across my skies, and now, present in that moment at last, it's a wondrous thing indeed. I'm thankful to have been there.

3 WNW Smithfield NE (17 May 0) Looking WNW