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Sunrise, Sunset

Amber Glow

Amber Glow

The day already was a visual delight for us, including wild cloud structures and a fortuitous visual illusion beyond sandscapes. The atmosphere's mesoscale convective shell game removed the storms where we had been, leaving a complicated evening sky dominated by multilayered clouds that littered the back side of a thunderstorm cluster to our SE. With other cloud layers to the WNW blocking sunlight, our hopes for a bold and brilliant explosion of color were being snuffed out. Then came a warm display of amber hues filtered through those cloud layers, shining into then off that complex cloudscape. For a few brief minutes, low scud chunks and even the land itself bathed warmly in the glow reflecting from above and beyond. The Great Plains sky seldom disappoints if one has patience and an appreciative eye, and seldom fails to strike a photogenic pose as long as a camera and some good lenses are at hand. As thankful as we were for this visual blessing, along came more from the same complex after dark.

5 ENE Lemoyne NE (11 Jun 7), looking SE