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Night Lightning

More Anvil Zits

More Anvil Zits

Two supercells, in close proximity to each other and about 15-20 miles to my NNW-NE, joined forces for a lightning show aloft that was not to be forgotten by those of us who sat on that big signal hill E of Anadarko to watch the sky erupt. The flurry was so furious that 24mm wide-angle exposures averaged more than a stroke for every second, without fail. Relentless and continuous discharges flung every which way, a seething cauldron of elecricity, untamed and uncontrollable by anything but the hand of the Almighty himself. To an untrained eye, it could seem as if the sky would consume itself in flames at any moment. I had to think that Indian legends of sky fire had their roots in storm displays like this. Such experiences are uncommon, and for me, the opportunity to photograph them even more so -- but not on this night. I took dozens of shots similar to the one here; and if not for stopping photography now and then just to gaze in wondrous admiration, I could have had hundreds. The astounding display capped a very pleasant storm structure day in western Oklahoma that began with a splitting supercell.

3 WSW Verden OK (30 Mar 8), Looking NE