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Nahunta Falls

Nahunta Falls

Normally a small trickle at this time of year, Nahunta Falls cascaded marvelously thanks to the ongoing melting of record winter and spring snowfalls upstream, on Mt. Rainier. Rainier was rainy on this day, which helped waterfall photography a lot in several important ways. First, it softened and diffused the light more evenly beneath the dense forest cover, making dynamic range much smaller than a sun-and-shade setting. Overcast midday light also is ideal for waterfall shooting in that it allows long exposures at high f-stop, to bring out both the streaked-fall effect and optimal depth-of-field. The rain also wettened the rocks and vegetation, deepening their tones in a sort of natural saturation filter. The main photographic setback under such conditions is wind; fortunately there wasn't any at this moment.

2 WSW Paradise WA (16 Jul 11) Looking NNW