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Aqueous Nocturne Close

Aqueous Nocturne

Before reading the next sentence, some folks may not correctly guess the contents of the photograph at left. The time exposure, set to the lights within Savannah's Forsyth Park fountain, was framed precisely to capture the spray plumes from several water jets, to the exclusion of any surrounding foreground (i.e., the fountain's structures, seen in entirety from the other side below). The partial scene is absolutely authentic, but as with any photograph, shows only what's inside the image's bounds. One of the joys of discovery in photographing a complex scene is the creativity of selective composition. As an art form, photographing the same thing in various ways can provoke dramatic differences in mood and effect.

Savannah GA (30 Oct 8), looking E (above) and SSW (below)
[GPS (above) and GPS (below)]

Aqueous Nocturne Far