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The Wall Cloud Wall

Sunset for Circulation

Sunset for Circulation

This supercell previously had been tornadic (before we arrived from a different storm), but this occlusion couldn't quite reproduce earlier results. Too much cold outflow was wrapping around the circulation, resulting in a sunset for its lifespan coinciding with the literal sunset occurring beyond the clouds. Within a few minutes the visible rotation wound down, and the entire wall cloud broke into inert chunks of scud, each withering away from starvation of instability. This peculiar hue of ambient lighting long has been one of my favorites, especially for evening storm viewing when the thick intervening clouds impart dark, ominous shades to the smoky amber coloring. The setting was strikingly reminiscent of a dying mesocyclone in Rotan, TX the previous spring.

5 S Mustang OK (24 Apr 6) Looking NW