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High Plains Experience

High Plains Experience

At the end of the storm day, the most sublime scenes under the sky can take place behind the most intense weather action. From sight to sound to smell, a multisensory flood of refreshment, recovery and relaxation blankets the rain-soaked earth on scales large and small. Sometimes the post-storm Great Plains sunset involves explosively vivid reds and oranges, but warm pastels and muted bronze tones like these are just as pleasing to the appreciative eye. Under the subtle sunset hues, roosting birds of the grassland sound a celebration over rain-soaked earth, whose distinctively wholesome aroma rides the cool, moist breezes. These are some of the best times not just to see the Great Plains, but truly to experience them, in many ways, all at once. Stop driving, step out, stand still, stretch silently and be ready. It doesn't last very long!

5 ENE Lemoyne NE (11 Jun 7), looking SE