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Little Orphan Anvils

Little Orphan Anvils

One fine early afternoon near a dryline/outflow intersection, there were born 2 "Little Orphan Anvils." These ice-crystal formations were spit into the sky from two small towering cumuli that each glaciated, briefly becoming a tiny single-cell cumulonimbus before dissipating. Though individual members are usually doomed to die from dry air entrainment, concentrations of such "orphans" and "turkey towers" indicate an area of enhanced lifting that should be watched for later development of larger, long-lived CBs. In this case, a supercell formed in that area about 2 hours later -- the Rotan TX supercell featured in a wall cloud sequence on the SkyPix Wall Cloud Wall.

7 W Guthrie TX (6 May 95) Looking SSW.