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Night Lightning

Tall & Close

Tall & Close

This is the reason I take lightning pictures, and the reason I choose to face a tiny but still disturbing risk of instant death by merely stepping out of a vehicle near a thunderstorm. [No matter how safe one tries to be, there is always some risk!] Returning from a supercell intercept near the Red River, we encountered a small cluster of elevated thunderstorms -- cells rooted in a layer of unstable inflow above cool and stable surface air -- north of a warm front. When not hidden by low clouds, elevated storms have high cloud bases ideally suited for lightning photography. Here, the strokes began to get a little too close. Within seconds of this electrical eruption, my foot was on a gas pedal! The stroke at right wasn't two channels; instead, it travelled through a dense rain shaft a few thousand feet above ground, hiding a small part of it.

3 SSW Overbrook OK (28 Mar 0) Looking WNW