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Pigeon High Falls

Pigeon High Falls

(Full View of North Cascade)

A good majority of the Pigeon River has found a low spot in the hard, metamorphic, Precambrian bedrock through which to spill, creating one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Great Lakes region, and the highest in Minnesota. The U.S. - Canada border runs right through this photo and these falls! Because of its vertical drop -- 120 feet -- and steady volume of summertime flow streaming out of the eastern part of the Boundary Waters area, these falls often release a great deal of spray, along with a respectable roar which can be felt and heard in the adjacent ground. The ledge being profusely splashed at middle right is the same one to which I zoomed in an earlier entry.

9 WSW Crooks ON, Canada (13 Jul 7) , looking SW