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Water Works

Torrent on the Ledge

Rumble on the Border

Another segment of Pigeon High Falls tumbles and roars downward with sediment laden runoff from recent rains in the Boundary Waters. Generally, photographers go for the long-exposure "bridal veil" effect with waterfalls, and that certainly makes some fantastic shots. The moving water, however, makes me want to zoom deeper in, defy that motion and freeze the scene instead. That creates an image of natural art in turbulent water that is absolutely unique, with details that nobody -- not even me, a fraction of a second earlier or later -- ever can duplicate. This is one of my favorite such images, because of the way the white spray plume splits the scene between the muddy torrent on one side and the translucent cascade revealing dark background rock at the other.

9 WSW Crooks ON, Canada (13 Jul 7) , looking SW