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The Majestic Supercell

Southern Half

Tornado Time

Over four hours and two hundred driving miles after observing a fantastic supercell in northeast Kansas, here we were standing before another one, this time a strikingly beautiful yet menacing beast bearing down on us with a downward-growing, bulbous funnel in tow. Within less than 30 seconds, the funnel cloud would become part of the first of two tornadoes we witnessed between Grand Island and Aurora. Conveniently, this storm waited until after it had passed over Grand Island to produce those final couple in a series of tornadoes. I'm glad we were back just far enough to witness the amazing storm structure, before letting the tornadic part approach from the west. The wide-angle photo below (featuring multilevel tail clouds under the vault) was taken a couple seconds before the one at left (the southern lobe of the storm, a striated bell), with the two image domains overlapping in vicinity of the funnel.

5 ESE Phillips NE (17 Jun 9), looking WSW and WNW

Northern Half