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EF5 Wedge with Satellite Tornado

EF5 Wedge with Satellite Tornado

[Part 2 of 2] Fortunately for us, the El Reno/Piedmont wedge took a slight leftward jog as we drove southward. Alas, it also began to wrap in rain again. Shortly after we pulled safely off the road, the now gigantic tornado started wrapping again in precipitation, its deep, carnal rumble unmistakably heard and felt across the intervening 1-1/2 miles. Even crouched low with one foot forward, I barely could stand in severe inflow wind and a drenching firehose of heavy rain. Somehow I managed this shot, right as a small satellite tornado buzzed around the south and southeast side of the mesocyclone. For many reasons, I felt very fortunate to get any photos of this event. My satisfaction was tempered, however, when I later learned of the death and damage the tornado wrought, even though it passed mostly over open country. It truly might have been much worse. The same path, displaced 15 miles further east across the west and north sides of Oklahoma City, could have yielded devastation exceeding that of 3 May 1999.

5 SW Piedmont OK (24 May 11) Looking WNW