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Double Pileus Crowning Congestus

Double Pileus Crowning Congestus

Even though the supercell (unseen, right rear) was becoming elevated and dying, flanking towers for the storm still shot into the sky with vigor and crisp definition. I was fumbling around with something else when one of my storm intercept partners for the day (can't remember if it was Rich or Bryan) hollered across the road at me to shoot the pileus. Fortunately, I managed to slap on the zoom lens and do just that before both layers went away, and the result was outstanding. Nature provides photos like this for me; all I need to do is compose and expose, and of course, be ready. The lower layer was weakening as the newer (upper) one was forming, and I managed to shoot just in time to capture both.

6 NW Wichita Falls TX (7 Apr 8) Looking ENE