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The Pits

The Pits

Who needs some sterile, air-conditioned gallery to view abstract art when one simply may look outside? Few hung paintings can compete with nature, here in the form of boulders on a rocky beach. Different and multicolored minerals in each boulder eroded at different rates, causing both their rough textures and the pits and holes. The boulder at left, redder from more iron oxide presence, was more deeply pitted. Quartz veins in the rock below, more resistant than surrounding minerals, stand out. As seawater dissolved and pounded away those weaker minerals, pebbles and grains of sand settled in the resultant pits. Further water action stirred those materials about within the pits, like grindstones, carving them deeper and wider. Eventually this boulder will weaken structurally from being riddled with catacombs, and it will crumble into smaller stones. The process will continue until nothing is left of it but pebbles, which in turn may be splashed into another eroding rock.

Rancho Palos Verdes CA (10 Feb 3) , looking down

Quartz Veins (The Pits)