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Spray Falls

Spray Falls

Most waterfalls erode themselves well upriver from the terminus of their streams, instead of unloading right at the mouth. Spray Falls, which empties Spray Creek into Lake Superior, is a wonderfully picturesque exception. It shoots 70 feet directly off the edge of the hard, resistant, Precambrian sandstone cliffs, within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The cliffs themselves erode shoreward from other causes (mainly freeze-thaw splitting and undermining by storm waves) at least as fast as the stream can cut into them, so the waterfall keeps plunging high off the top as if following a brand new outlet. Spray Falls is best viewed from a boat on the big lake, either in early morning or late afternoon in summer, when it catches some direct sunshine.

7 N Melstrand MI (18 Jul 7) , looking SSE