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Sunrise, Sunset

Crepuscular Cloud Mix

Crepuscular Cloud Mix

The setting sun's crepuscular rays lit midlevel fractus clouds brilliantly, while also casting peripheral glow upon both low level scud and mammatus much higher. Thanks to strong vertical wind shear, this deeply textured chamber of light was evolving fast, due to a combination of the lowering sun angle and differing cloud movement -- all of which gave the scene a dynamic, four-dimensional beauty. Eastern New Mexico's uncommonly wet atmopshere revealed several of its many splendors to us on this fine evening. These crepuscular rays also met behind us, on the opposite horizon, as anticrepusculars. Within a few minutes the mammatus briefly glowed champagne-bronze to our left (south). Then, behind our shoulders, the northeastern sky erupted in color and electricity. In every direction, there seemed to appear a whole new sky. Our camera tripods certainly stayed busy with all that turning and shifting and repositioning! It was yet another case where the post-storm observing was far more rewarding than the largely non-photogenic, outflow dominant convection we had intercepted.

7 NNE Quay NM (4 Jun 3) looking WNW