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The Wall Cloud Wall

Little But Lively

Little But Lively

Rotating with a fervor I had seldom seen up until then, this small, scuddy and tightly circulating wall cloud looked and acted like it was going to produce a tornado any second. The elongated scud chunk to its lower left formed, rose helically and merged up into the wall cloud, all in less than 10 seconds. Alas, this was 1989, I was me, the field program was Nexrad IOT&E2, and tornadoes simply refused to occur. It was out in the middle of the Black Kettle National Grassland; so it may have produced a brief spin-up with no damage. This supercell would, however, treat us to one of the most spectacular sunsets I have witnessed.

5 E Reydon OK (26 Apr 89) Looking ENE