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Storm over Golden Kansas Wheat

Storm over Golden Kansas Wheat

A fine looking field of wheat, nearly ready to harvest, first would endure a thrashing from wind and hail caused by this storm and an adjoining one to its west (left). Tan hues along the base of the arcus cloud first reflected off the fields, creating a transitional layer in the coloring of land and sky. Great Plains farmers make their livelihoods entirely at the mercy of the capricious, often hostile weather characteristic of the region, where the difference between a bumper crop and utter ruin can be decided in a 20 minute time period many months after planting. Therein lines one dichotomy of a violently beautiful sky. We can't control the storm, so we adapt to its destructive misfortune while appreciating its grandeur and power.

6 N Rolla KS (20 Jun 8) looking NE