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Forested Gorge

Forested Gorge

The Salzach River cuts a steep-sided canyon, Salzachklamm, between two lobes of the Alps, and on its way downhill to Salzburg. Although we in the U. S. often associate canyons with drier areas (and for good reason), several mioist-climate gorges exist in both the U. S. and in the Alps of Europe. For several million years, the silt-laden river has carried glacially scoured silt and stones in its cold spring and summer meltwaters, cutting down through the hard The mountain peaks on either side of this gorge tower over 7,000 feet above sea level, and around 5,500 feet (over a mile!) above the river. This part of the Salzach River was here before the Alps rose, eroding its bedrock quickly enough to keep its course in the face of all the mountain building happening around it. This means the stream here is around 30 million years old, or nearly halfway back to the end of the age of dinosaurs.

2 SE Golling, Austria (26 Jul 5) , looking NW