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The Wall Cloud Wall

Thunderstorm Triple Threat

Thunderstorm Triple Threat

Large, high-based, slowly rotating wall cloud over the Canadian River valley of northeast NM, as seen from atop the 4900-foot high Caprock overlook near San Jon. I love high-plains supercells; and this scene is one reason. Note the dark precipitation core behind the wall cloud and lightning strike. The outward thrust on its bottom left indicates intense winds characteristic of a microburst. Numerous lightning strokes occurred, both in the same area as this one (forward-flank core) and between the wall cloud and the rear-flank precipitation core. Both are notorious zones for cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning barrages in supercells. One of the rear-flank strikes later started a brilliant prairie fire which blazed for over an hour.

8 SSW San Jon NM (29 May 97), looking NNE.